"Discover How Small Business Owners (LIKE YOU) Are Using PERSONAL BRANDING To Achieve Their Dreams!"

Taiwo, why are you giving me this goldmine at this massive premium? What’s up the sleeve?


Here’s why I’m doing this deal.


When it comes to business, nothing gives me more joy than to see others succeed.


It’s my passion. It’s one of the key reasons why I created The College of Personal Branding.


…to add value to your life, business, and ministry by helping you discover, build, define, and monetize your brand.


In this training…


Just one of the strategies… Just one of the secrets that will be revealed will give you the energy to draw new customers to your business, increase profitability, and change your life.


This is the most flexible and powerful approach to increasing leads, revenue, and brand authority out there.


And that’s the philosophy behind all this.


This isn’t the ‘bait and switches’ with a black hat marketing.


There are no strings tied to this.


As mentioned, my passion is to see others succeed…


“And that’s why I could give you this kind of training I could easily sell for N150K… for a token!”


Unlike other course creators who are selling training…


I derived joy helping people to discover your TRUE self, build your brand, and succeed in whatever business you do.


Just be prepared to devote 2 weeks of your life to learning from the veteran, a successful Startup Business Coach and Brand Strategist – Taiwo Balogun.


This is, in my opinion, the BEST and most comprehensive collection of personal branding and growth training anywhere.


There’s no need to buy a business course or software ever again. Just make yourself available to learn and apply what I’ll teach you during this life-changing journey and you will see the results in less than 30 days.

Pay Attention To What Our Coaching Clients Have To Say

My experience with Taiwo Balogun in the just-concluded personal branding masterclass was top notch. I thought I had really discovered myself until I attended his mentoring session, and I got more clarity about self-discovery, which is the basis of my personal brand.
Amb. Akindele Oluwatobi
@Mc_tobesti (0813 237 0674)
I've been following Taiwo Balogun since 2008, and I know how passionate he is about value addition. I attended his PERSONAL BRANDING webinar, which opened my eyes to how VALUABLE BRAND is. I got more than the token I paid. Thank you always for your good support.
Amb. Ojesola Ajibola
0802 519 1931
I'm proud to say that the 2 weeks Personal Branding Masterclass were one of my '2020 highlights.' I loved his presentation style, his interaction with us, his persistence, and then the one-on-one strategy session was 'the cake icing for me.' It was an eye-opening experience. I gained so much at little or no cost. I'm more self-assured than ever.
Amb. Oluwayemisi Abegunde
CEO - Helpquarters Ltd (0803 349 8894)
Personal Branding Master Class with Taiwo Balogun was a wise investment. He practically walked me through repositioning for effective and efficient take over in my industry. It is a must if you are serious about getting ahead in this new normal. This class has answers to many questions in your mind. I personally place a bet on the quality of delivery and the content.
Amb. Lilian Leke-Idowu
Data Analyst (0818 200 1006)

So, are you ready to dive in?

If that’s the case, you need to act rapidly.

This is the reason:

Success is in love with speed.

Our successful students are Quick ACTION takers. They watch the training and carry out what they have learned, as if their lives depend on it.

So to help you get the best out of this training and make sure you have the greatest chance of success, I’m just going to place your back against the wall for N4,999!

What did you say? Taiwo, that’s not exactly what you mean. You’ve heard me, LOUD and CLEAR.

The main reason why I had to offer the admission fee for N4,999 is due to the GLOBAL PANDEMIC and the economic downturn.

Here’s Just A Taste Of All The Goodness You Get Inside This Training

How to Build, Define, and Monetize Your Personal Brand

How to Write a Compelling, Visible, Unique and influential Profile that Connects to the Right Audience

Secrets to Create High Quality Videos That Convert Sales and Profitability

15 Ways of Making Money with your Brand (5 of these will turn Your Bank Account to Dumping Ground for CASH)

How To Get BOOKED On International Platforms

Compelling Storytelling Techniques To Increase Sales

How To Drive Traffic To Your Live Streams & Webinars with Strategic Collaborations

How to Get Prospects to give you their Email, Phone, and Availability at the snap of a finger? Come and find out!


45 Minutes One-on-One Strategy Session With Me (Valued at $35)

15 Video Teachings On How To Become A Six-Figure Brand Monetizer ($99 Value)

7 e-Books On The Subject Of Branding & Storytelling (Valued at $87)

Free Membership To The Maximum Impact Mentoring Community (Valued at $49)

Don't Miss The Best Price


The Longer You Wait The More Expensive It Becomes

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