Learn from the wealth of practical experience in the FOREX market of over a decade to advance your trading skills and increase your income within the 90 DAYS of an intensive and informative virtual learning and mentoring programme with a veteran Forex trader, coach and mentor – TAIWO BALOGUN. You will be able to replicate my trading knowledge and strategies to build and grow sustainable wealth from the world of financial trading.  


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Expert Mentorship

We have removed the hard work from the equation for you through the discovery of what works, and all you have to do is, to ride on the wings of our team of experts to build your financial goals from the financial markets.

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Quality FX Education

“To really understand something is to be liberated from it.” Quality Forex Education is a powerful tool to increase your income from the FX market. We are committed to equipping you with this powerful weapon. Quality is indeed never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.


Proven Strategies

We realize that there is an overload of information in the FX trading industry, which is really confusing and destabilizing so many traders and investors. Markets move each day based on the Institutional Order Flow but some people are unaware of this. We’ll teach you proven strategies that institutional traders are using to make profitable trading decisions with confidence.

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Simplified Video Tutorials

Our FX intensive tutorials are highly informative, engaging and simplified for you to smartly and effectively study the concepts and the facts of trading the financial markets with SQ3R formula – Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review what you learn to improve your trading performance repeatedly.


Daily Trade Alerts

You will gain access to our daily trading alerts with over 75% predictive accuracy to help you trade confidently and profitably. We’ll also teach you everything you need to generate daily, weekly and monthly trade signals with ease.


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Get access to the latest educational and trade updates, LIVE STREAMS, Q&A, and network with other members in our private Facebook group. 

Forex Simplified Premium is designed to help investors; aspiring Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced traders to learn and improve their trading skills in the financial markets. When it comes to educating and mentoring our students, we provide the exact same strategy that we personally use to make profit in the financial markets.

There is no easy road to making money in the markets or else everyone would be rich. It takes hard work, dedication, adequate knowledge and skill to grow your investment in any given market. We would help you through this process if you are willing to commit time and resources. 

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Learn From Anywhere and Build Wealth That Grows Year After Year!

Access to unlimited resourceful eBooks that will help in taking your trading career to the next levels.

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Unlimited resourceful eBooks


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  • Strong Forex Foundations & Terminologies
  • Understanding the Business of Money
  • How to Legally protect yourself trading Forex
  • Asset & Portfolio Management
  • Building & Managing Forex Portfolio
  • Key elements of Forex Portfolio Management
  • Capital Management Structure
  • Capital & Risk Management
  • How to build workable trading Journal & Plan
  • Understanding your personality with the FX market
  • How to Analyze & Profit from News Headlines
  • Learn the Secrets of Economic Indicators
  • How to develop profitable & sustainable trading Strategies
  • Knowing the Best Strategy that fits your personality
  • Technical Patterns for consistency & profitability
  • Understanding the FX market Sentiments
  • The Power of Intermarket Analysis
  • An in-depth study into Professional Scalping
  • And lots more…


We're here to help you trade the Forex Markets profitably. Join us now and improve your trading skills.

As you know that, the financial markets are global, highly interconnected, huge and volatile; therefore, it is advisable not to tread the path alone to guarantee consistency and sustainable profits.

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Choose YOUR perfect plan

If you are seriously considering learning valuable FOREX education then it’s imperative you get started with what will work for you. There are few different factors that needs to be considered. Strategy alone is not enough to succeed in this ever changing market. Therefore, we focus on the process around FOREX trading.



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Our clients say

"I also understand that the best investment one can make is mentorship."
Sir Immortal
Forex Trader
"My name is Offor Nwabueze. An academic staff member of the Institute of Management and Technology. A Forex trader with about 10years trading experience (08068628124). Last year October, I enrolled in the Forex #Mentorship program of Taiwo Balogun. Before then, one of my major challenges is trading the Forex market base on fundamental #analysis. Firstly, mentor Taiwo Balogun opened my eyes to the Secrets of Economic Indicators and how to profitably trade the FX markets, and in real life. He turned me to a financial analyst in real life. When people listen to me analyzing the economy of any nation now, they usually think that is where I majored in academics."
Offor Nwabueze
Forex Trader
"I have attended several Forex classes therefore can boldly say #ForexSimplified Premium Class is the best. I was privileged to participate and must confess; the value received is worth more than my expectations. Ensure that you enroll for the next class if you are serious about becoming a pro Forex trader."
Maxwell Emmanuel
FX Trader & Coach
"One thing I will say to anyone who wants to attend Taiwo Balogun's Forex Mentoring Program is; be ready for a total paradigm shift in what you think Forex trading is. You will be shocked to know that you know little about Forex. Be humble and hungry to learn as your #paradigm is shifting."
Emeka E.
FX Trader & Entrepreneur

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