I have been counseling some young people lately on what to do and how to move forward in life despite what they are facing at the moment.
And I am confident that there is going to be a drastic reduction of suicidal mission in Nigeria, by God’s help.
It is true that there is a high rate of poverty in our society. However, suicide is not the solution.
Despite the fact that I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I decided to stand out with relevance to my generation.
In my journey to the world; over land and overseas, I have come across different categories of people from a different culture. I mean, both the high, middle and low class and I understand what it means to be in a position of controlling resources and a situation where it is hard to get $1 to feed.
While I was searching for how to become successful in life, doing something that will also give me the freedom to serve God, I came across FOREX trading and decided to give it all it takes to be a professional trader.
To God be the glory, I was exposed to quality information and contents at the early stage of my trading career and this helped me to reach out to a lot of people through my weekly column on Success Digest Extra magazine by my mentor; Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase (the publisher.)
Within a short period of time, I began to get calls, emails, and connections from men and women of resources in major cities in Nigeria and across the border.
Traveling from one place to another became important and easier. At a point, people come to me to manage funds on mutual agreement for good returns on investment.
Therefore, I have access to funds in dollars and trading Forex become very easy for me coupled with the quality of information and contents at my disposal.
Suddenly, the table turned when jealousy stirred up from one of my neighbors; who did not understand the nature of my business and petitioned me to EFCC out of envy and hatred.
As if I was dreaming, I was arrested and detained by the EFCC in August 2008 without committing any crime. Some of my belongings were seized up till date.
So, life became unbearable after my release from the EFCC. I was deeply depressed and rejected by some family members and friends. With all these, what do you expect? I thought the solution was to end it all. But I was wrong.
Let me pause at this point so that I can share with you the full story of how difficult life was after the EFCC experience.
Irrespective of what you are going through in life, I pray that you shall not die. You shall not be imprisoned, in Jesus name. Amen.
Taiwo Balogun
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