Do you know my story?

Oh! I doubt if you truly know my story. Let me ask you this question;

Do you think I was born with a silver spoon? Well, some might be thinking maybe I was born with a golden soon either.

I need to let you know that I wasn’t born with a golden, silver nor bronze spoon. But I decided early in life that I want to live a legacy. I want to live a godly life with positive impacts. So, this culminated into my drive for godliness and success.

One of the reasons why I decided to start this series is because #Story is atomic. It is perpetual energy and can power a city. Story is the one thing that can hold a human being’s attention for hours.

Nobody can look away from a good story. In fact, neuroscientists claim the average human being spends more than 30 percent of their time daydreaming . . . unless they’re reading, listening to, or watching a story unfold. Why? Because when we are engaged in a story, the story does the daydreaming for us.

Story is the greatest weapon we have to combat noise because it organizes information in such a way that people are compelled to listen.

We hear the news and the noise of how people are committing suicide in our society and some people don’t understand the reasons for this evil act, neither do they know the impact of such in the lives of the coming generation.

I have tried to commit suicide twice when things turned around unexpectedly and I thought it’s wise to end it then but I was shortsighted.

Thank God for my wife, whom God used to rescue me from the demonic spirit behind the suicidal mission.

Stay tuned for the next episode of this life-changing series.

I pray that the spirit of suicide will not take over your life, in Jesus name. Amen.

Thanks for reading thus far.

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