Would you like to pay the price to become the person you want to become in life?

If your answer is YES, then I have good news for you.

It took me less than 12 months to make my first million in business by following the simple life transforming action plan taught by my business and financial mentor – Dr. Sunny Emmanuel Ojeagbase.

I think I have shared this story times without number with some of my fans and mentees. But let me share it again maybe you’ve not heard it before.

I came in contact with my mentor through one of his publications, precisely Success Digest Magazine Extra (the no. 1 business magazine of our time) in 2006.

As God would have it, destiny connected us together through Forex, and as he was teaching in one of his motivational series, he said if you want to become a millionaire, you should follow the simple steps that I’m about to share with you shortly, for one year.

I just finished reading and listening to an audiobook titled; THE STRANGEST SECRET by Earl Nightingale, and I came across some of the things that my mentor shared with me over 12 years ago.

While Earl Nightingale was trying to define success, he said; “The only man who succeeds is the man who is progressively realizing a worthy idea. He’s the man who says, I’m going to become this and then begins to work towards that goal.”

My mentor taught me how to use the power of positive confessions and affirmations to get what I want in life and I backed it up with the power of the Word of God on a daily basis.

To my surprise, nature answered to my biddings and I generated more than I bargained for within a year.

Now, I’ve discovered through the book I just finished reading that you could achieve even more within 30 days of the life-transforming action plan shared by Earl Nightingale in his book: THE STRANGEST SECRET.

Download and read or listen to the audiobook. The audiobook is just 35mins long…

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