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“The most recognizable organizations in the world see mentorship as a competitive advantage.”

Some people might think that the motive behind my #FOREX mentoring programme is #money. Well, if that is what you are thinking, then you need to read this…

I’m not used to asking for testimonials from my clients, students, and mentees but due to my brand project, I decided to reach out to some of them and asked them to send their SINCERE testimonials with their names, designation, and approval.

I am more humbled when I read one of the testimonials this morning and I thought it’s wise to share this with you.


My name is Offor Nwabueze. An academic staff member of the Institute of Management and Technology. A Forex trader with about 10years trading experience (08068628124).

Last year October, I enrolled in the Forex #Mentorship program of Chaplain Taiwo Balogun. Before then, one of my major challenges is trading the Forex market base on fundamental #analysis.

Firstly, mentor Taiwo Balogun opened my eyes to the Secrets of Economic Indicators and how to profitably trade the FX markets, and in real life. He turned me to a financial analyst in real life.

When people listen to me analyzing the economy of any nation now, they usually think that is where I majored in academics.

Secondly, though, my major problem was fundamentals. I never knew I have another problem which was sentimental trading.

Mentor Taiwo Balogun made me discovered this and he equally and perfectly helped me to solve the problem by teaching me the step by step of what to know about sentimental and #intermarket analysis.

Thirdly, the mentorship class that I enrolled in was for professional traders but mentor Taiwo Balogun tutored us as if we are newbies in the Forex market by taking us through the Technical aspect of Forex trading. Wow! It was an unforgettable experience…

He equally took us through the emotional aspect of trading the FX markets and other investments.

Mentor Taiwo Balogun went beyond Forex mentoring by going to the prayer mountain to fast and pray for the success of all his mentees. He equally goes into what I called “trade life balance” where he taught us how to balance family, life and Forex trading.

That’s not all, that mentorship program was supposed to last for three months but up till date, my mentor is still mentoring me.

For you to succeed in this business you must have a mentor who knows the business of trading money.

Let me end this testimonial with a little analysis on President Buhari led administration;

When the present government came into power, if you remember, the dollar went up massively and remained at over N400 to a dollar for some time.

What they did was to engage in #CURRENCY WAR against the #US #dollars by devaluing the Naira secretly. Although it would have been a good opportunity for our economy:

1. It would have increased our exportation power and reduce importation of some goods thereby growing our GDP.

2. It was supposed to attract foreign investors to Nigeria because with a small amount of dollars, they will establish here and this will again grow our economy

But where they failed in the process was; no right-thinking foreign/local investor will invest in a country where there is insecurity, agitation, killings and threats of war.

With this, I bow…

Thank you mentor Taiwo Balogun

You are a blessing to me

=======THE END=====

After reading this, I decided to pray that God would help me the more to #inspire#motivate, and #impact humankind, to the glory of His name.


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