Firstly, Temi and Temmy want to use to medium to apologize for the suspense and delay. We have been working on our brand identity rebranding to see how to serve you better in your personal and professional life. Hope our apologies are accepted.

I guess some people might be asking “why this story?” The motive behind this is to help solve the problems of searching for your life partner and how to make things work out for good in your relationship. Ultimately, we hope this will help to reduce the divorce rate in our society.

“Everyone’s life is the richest source of anecdotes and stories for all occasions.”

Did you remember where we stopped in part 3 of this series? If you have not read the part 1 – 3, I want to encourage you to do so. (We are compiling the story into a book and movie soon by God’s help.)

After one full year of eyeing my beautiful angel, the opportunity to express myself opened up, and I know you are eager to know how. Well, I am more than ready to share the experience with you.

We were on break during one of the Youth Fellowship programmes of Ore Ofe C & S Church, and one of my brothers from another mother intervened in the matter. During the break, Temi was discussing with one of her friends in the church premises and I was with my brother – Kolawole Owomoyela and I just mentioned her name and how I have been trying to speak to her for over a year.

Kolawole was like, who? You mean “anti mi” (my aunt? – Sister Funmi) and I answered YES! Kolawole is a strong brother in the faith. A man of God with a growing hunger after His Words. So, I told how much I love Sister Funmi and that she hasn’t given me the opportunity to express myself.

When he heard that, he just waved to her and she responded and said; “anti mi, egbon mi wants to talk to you.” Jesu! Oluwa oooo! I was surprised and speechless. You need to see the way she was smiling and gave listening ears. As if Kolawole used something…. You know now 😊

Gbam! I said to myself, the ball is now in your court as Kolawole excused us. For the first time, ever since I have been appreciating her mode of dressing, she was calmed and listened to what I have to say. But I still couldn’t tell her how much I love her. I couldn’t believe my eyes and mouth… I went home rejoicing and excited! At last, things will work out for good between me and Temi.

So, after that, I needed to go and reconfirm if she is the right woman for me by God. You may want to ask why? I like you to know that we are talking about someone that I will spend the rest of my life with and I don’t want to leave any stone unturned. I also understand that “Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.” – Tom Mullen

The next thing I did was to continue praying with my usual Scripture for that purpose. You know the Bible passage already… and I took another step of faith by visiting an elderly man of God who was a prophet, and he was one of those men of God that I respect so much. Although he is late now… But you need to learn from what happened when he prayed about Temi. It’s an eye-opener that you should learn from. Watch out for the next episode.

God bless you for reading thus far.


Taiwo Balogun
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